Financial Assistance

211 Maine

Phone: Just dial 2-1-1

2-1-1 Maine is a comprehensive statewide directory of over 8,000 health and human services available in Maine. This contact will give you organizations such as The Salvation Army, Red Cross, local churches or community organizations as well as all state of Maine programs. They have resources for housing, heat, electricity and health care.

Alternative Aid

2 Anthony Ave, Station 11

Augusta, ME 04333

Phone: (800) 452-4602

Also at: 98 North Ave, Skowhegan, ME 04976 Phone: 474-4800

This is a program for low-income families. Aids families with children who are not on TANF resolve problems that prevent them from getting a job and is currently a once in a lifetime benefit. It can be used for such things as car repairs, childcare, uniforms, housing related emergencies and is in the form of a voucher.

America's Rx Savings

Phone: (718) 679-1242

This is a permanent drug prescription card it does not expire. It can be used on all FDA approved medications. Provides discounts up to 85% with average savings of 15% on brand name and 55% on generic drugs. This card is accepted at over 80 pharmacies including: Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Target, Rite Aid and many more. Just call to get your card. The card can't be used in combination with your insurance you must use whichever one gives you the best pricing.

Inner Faith Resource Fund

Waterville, ME

Phone: 872-7564.

This is a conglomeration of area churches to provide assistance for emergency situations to area people with things like electricity, rent, oil, etc. There is not a specific person to contact, you should see a local pastor. If you need more guidance you can contact the Pleasant Street United Methodist Church at the above number.

AMP (Arrearage Management Program)

Phone: (800) 452-4699

This new program just began October 1, 2015. You have to be $500 or more in arrears and be 90 days past due. You must be LIHEAP eligible. You can apply when applying for LIHEAP, or you can contact your utility company directly.

HOW IT WORKS: You pay just your current monthly electric bill, each month and on time. For each month that you pay your current bill, your electric utility company will wipe out 1/12 of what you owe them on your back bill.

For example, let’s say that you owe $1200 to the company on back electricity bills.

Follow these steps:

•You sign up for the AMP.

•Then you pay your regular monthly bill to the utility company.

•Each time you make that monthly payment, your utility company will forgive or wipe out $100 that you owe them on your back bill.

So by making your monthly payments on time, your $1200 debt is wiped out in one year. You pay nothing more than your current bill!

NOTE: No more than $300 of debt can be wiped out each month. So, if you owe more than $3600 you can stay on the program for more than 12 months until your entire debt is gone. If you need further assistance you can call the 800 number above at the Maine PUC.

Citizens Energy (JOE FOR OIL)

Phone: (877) 563-4645

Seasonal funds are available to assist with oil depending on availability. Must call to apply.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Phone: (866) 554-5360

The AARP Foundation Benefits Outreach Program connects families to important resources through its new on-line free tool called Benefit QuickLINK. This tool helps people to find out if their family may qualify for 15 of the most valuable public benefit programs for older adults and for children. Grandparents raising grandchildren can use this tool to determine if they are eligible for a variety of public benefits for children. Simply:

1. Go to

2. Answer a short list of questions

3. Download fact sheets and applications for programs