Maine law requires schools to test all drinking water faucets.  Our school tested all faucets, even though we know many of them are not normally used for consumption.  Please click on the link for a report from A & L Laboratory with the lead level results of all water faucets at our school. All told, approximately 75 sinks were tested at WSHS.  Out of approximately 75 sinks, our school had four (4) locations with elevated levels of lead based on Maine guidelines (exceeding 4 parts per billion, or ppb).  Those locations include the A wing conference room sink, C-18 classroom sink, kitchen sink 2, and main office bathroom sink. 

All sinks that were found to exceed the limit have either had signs posted notifying people the sink is out of compliance, or had the sinks shut off until further testing/repairs can be completed. All sinks in violation will be retested with a proper water flush to ensure accurate results.  If still elevated, the fixtures will be replaced.